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Chat Abuse 

Harassment of any kind is not permitted. This includes using abusive language or making jokes about inappropriate subjects.

Avoid flooding the chat with repetitive or similar messages that are short in length, non-English language characters, ALL CAPS, or gibberish.

Extreme toxicity and disrespect for other players are also prohibited. A little friendly trash-talking is acceptable, but it could also be viewed as toxic behavior and lead to discipline.

Unfair Advantages

Using hacks, macros, X-Ray texture packs, auto clickers, inventory checkers, bug abuse techniques, exploiting, duping, or forbidden mods is forbidden.

Bypassing Also prohibited are punishments administered using different IGNS, usernames, or other means.

Inappropriate Content

Discussing obscene subjects like anything sexual, drug-related, extremely political, or hateful is deemed inappropriate for this server.

It is not permitted to create inappropriate team names or structures.

It's also against the rules to use offensive usernames, skins, capes, item names, signs, pet names, builds, or other cosmetics.


It is prohibited to discriminate against others on the basis of their age, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Discrimination of any kind, including sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms, will not be tolerated.


The discussion or promotion of goods, services, or other Minecraft or Discord servers is not permitted on the server.

It is acceptable to ask players if they want to buy or trade items in-game or in the VoidSMP-related channel on Discord, but it is not permitted to use other forms of advertisement.

Please feel free to create content on the server, but YouTube and stream links MUST be related to VoidSMP and may only be advertised hourly (only posting the link once).

Trading and Scamming

Any attempt to scam players for materials not available on this server is also prohibited, as is scamming them for items available for purchase in the server store. 

Trading in-game goods, services, or accounts for real money, things from the real world, or other servers is also prohibited. 

Be careful who you trust because it IS permitted to scam players for Minecraft items on the server!


All forms of doxing—threatened or actual—as well as DDOSing, harassment, blackmail, SWATTING, IP grabbing, and sending harmful links are strictly prohibited.

Regardless of whether the information is accurate or not, it is not acceptable to leak or share another person's personal information.

There will be no tolerance for any "jokes" about these offenses, some of which are even illegal.


It is forbidden to use a friend's account or another Minecraft account to increase stats (like kills) on the SMP.

Survival Rules


Griefing spawn is prohibited (lava casting, boat filling, animal filling, item filling, powder snow glitching, water cubes, placing random blocks everywhere, etc). 

Any type of lag machine, including giant Redstone lag contraptions, chunk ban machines, mass entities, and other methods of exploit-based server lag, player bans, and kicks, is strictly forbidden. 

You are free to raid, destroy, or harm another player's construction, but you CANNOT grief near a player's land claim, so be sure to stake your claim. 

Large-scale griefs that damage the server's environment are not permitted (massive lava casts, large water cubes, clearing out massive chunks, placing random blocks everywhere).

Bedrock breaking and portal trapping, and teleport trapping are also forbidden. 


PVP is enabled, but players can choose to turn it off if they don't want to attack or be attacked by other players.

Bed-trapping and spawn killing are permitted. Be prepared for some epic battles if you want to keep PVP enabled, and don't back down!

Using the "/tpa" command to teleport to another player/teleport a player to you, in order to kill that player is not allowed, but only teleport to players you trust to be safe!


Building mega farms such as raid farms, shulker farms, ghast farms, or gold farms are not allowed.

Fairly sized farms (either auto or manual) such as enderman, creeper, villager, enderpearl, iron, cactus, carrot, potato, melon, pumpkin, sugarcane, nether wart, and many more are allowed; however, nothing too large (that may cause serious server-wide lag).